About Devan


Devan A. Patel, a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy, is a versatile entrepreneur with over 20 years of pharmaceutical and medical experience in various healthcare sectors. He is the Founder and President of Medizenx, a boutique medical and pharmacy solutions firm. Devan is driven by providing positive change to the pharmacy and medical industries, his medical entrepreneurship helping various pharmacies and medical offices achieve gains while decreasing costs.

Devan holds multiple patent-pending formulations and registered trademarks designed around pharmacy and healthcare product development. Devan is also the co-founder of Zen Nutrients, an industry leader in Condition Targeted Nutraceuticals, where he has co-developed unique dietary supplements targeted at particular medical conditions.

Devan also has vast experience in business development and managing large sales teams to promote unique pharmacy products, nutraceuticals, and modern medical services.

Devan is a past Schering Plough Scholar, winner of the Pfizer Outstanding Leadership Award, Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries, Adjunct Clinical Pharmacy Professor at Florida A&M University, and active in various healthcare organizations. He enjoys serving as a Board Member for the IAFTB.org, a 501(3)c foundation located in Tampa, FL aimed at helping children’s organizations with fundraising, medical needs, and promoting positive culture awareness.